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Bond Trading on Wall Street Webinar

Ivan Magana of Wells Capital.

Ivan Magana, CFA Fixed Income Trader – Wells Capital

(Montgomery Fixed Income Trading Head)

UC Berkeley: B.S. Business Administration

Registration is open

Webinar: (1 hour lecture, followed by a 30 minute question and answer)

March 31ST, 2018 (9:00 AM - 10:30 AM)

This webinar will be held on GoToWebinar. The webinar link will be emailed to confirmed registrants.

Ivan Magana will be discussing his background in the finance world, his education, job hunting out of college in the bay area, and his 11 years of experience with Wells Fargo in trading within Wells Capital Management . Largely, the discussion will be open to related career guidance and experience at Wells Capital/trading and the financial markets. The objective is to serve as a networking opportunity and for high school students - college students - recent graduates - career changers breaking into trading - and general enthusiasts regarding fixed income trading within financial institutions such as with the San Francisco (Montgomery Fixed Income Trading Department of Wells Capital).

Biography: Fixed-Income Trader experienced in fundamental and technical components for the bond market. Specialties: Bond market. Strategies: Plain Vanilla Price Methodology, Statistical Analysis, Micro/Macro Economic Factors, and Monetary and Fiscal Policy. Fundamental analysis impacting interest rates, bond rates, etc. Prior to launching an extensive track record with Wells Fargo Ivan was an intern with Ernst & Young.

Technical Analysis with Dave Johnson, CMT

March 24 9:15-4:15

Sunnyvale Elks Lodge


An All Day Workshop with Dave Johnson, CMT, from iBullyBear.com

For more details visit the SVOG website

Limited Seating -- Register Now

Dave Johnson, one of the most popular instructors for technical analysis, is coming to SVOG for a special all day workshop. Dave's analysis allowed him to call the recent capitulation bounce on Friday, February 9. Dave will cover how to read the market using technical analysis; share some of his favorite bullish strategies; explain the use of contingency orders for getting the best entry and managing risk; and, demonstrate how to use stocks and options for trading directionally.

If you trade directionally, come and learn how to be more successful in your directional trading to beat the market. If you are a delta neutral options trader, this is a great time to learn to add directional trading into your arsenal and when you might want to adjust your market neutral expectations. Whether you trade equities or options you will leave the workshop with knowledge and skills you can immediately apply to your next trade.

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2017 TSAA Summer Review

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We have a special contribution in this edition of the TSAASF Review from some promising students of finance, Ariyeh Schmeder, Jing Su, and Joseph Kwok. They have demonstrated their skills with analyzing AAPL using both Elliott Wave and Wyckoff Analyses. Their article is a fantastic read that reminds me of the days when I was a
student at Golden Gate University, taking the Wyckoff class there. It is simply titled: Comparison of Wyckoff and Elliott on AAPL.

Professor Hank Pruden, our chairman, has graciously contributed two articles and a book review for our reading pleasure. Hank has been a solid pillar of TSAASF over the years and we are very grateful for his contributions. The articles he provided are: People Talked About Richard D. Wyckoff, and System States of Pedagogy and the Action Sequence Method. The book review is on Robert R. Prechter’s, The Socionomic Theory of Finance. This is exciting for those of us who know something about Elliott Wave Theory as Robert Prechter was the one who wrote the famous book, The Elliott Wave Principle.
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